To God Be the Glory

About Dr. Virginia A. Hines

For contemporary gospel music, rely on Dr. Virginia A. Hines of CBI Virtuous Woman in Southern California. I am the singer/songwriter of the album In Memory of a Virtuous Woman: Carrie B. Hines. Together with musicians Minister W. Lyte and L. Berry, we developed a unique collection of gospel songs and music that are dedicated to the memory of my mother Carrie B. Hines.

My love for music has existed my entire life.   As a preteen I sang in the church choir at United Missionary Baptist Church of Saginaw, Michigan.  During  Jr. high school and senior high school I participated in the gospel choir. Since then, I have sang and listened to all types of music. In 2008, I started writing hooks, which evolved into gospel songs. Over the years I've encountered musicians who've encouraged me to develop lyrically and musically.  Since the CD release, I have been published on the front page of a collegiate magazine and been invited to perform in various venues in Kansas and surronding locations. I am currently funding my own music CD while working on my next album. In addition to singing and writing musical lyrics, my interests include motivational speaking, acting, and writing.  I am interested in participating in church programs, gospel festivals, women's conferences, and other special events that allow me to use my musical and oratoratorical gifts.
I hope people relate to my lyrics and learn valuable lessons from my songs. More than anything else, I hope that like me, people will be motivated to develop their talents and spiritual gifts. Contact me to learn more about the message beind my music and my lyrics.

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• Honorably Discharged Veteran of the US Army

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