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Based in Souther California, Dr. Virginia A. Hines of CBI Virtuous Woman offers contemporary gospel songs. What I enjoy about being a gospel musician is being a vessel that celebrates the love of God. Singing is an opportunity to express myself, honor Christ, and my mother's memory.

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 Audience Reviews

People say my music is original and very emotional, with a hint of jazz. Others say my vocals are thought provoking and brings them to tears. The album is soothing, spiritually uplifting, and great for easy listening. Some of the songs in the album make you want to dance and stomp your feet.

Inspiration Behind the Lyrics

When I listen to preaching and teaching during church services or Sunday School I listen for messages of hope and meaning.  During personal bible study when I become elated and uplifted by the message I hear or read; I write them down. I believe God inspired scripture extends from the pages of the bible to our hearts.   Scripture is often translated into musical lyrics that are further interpreted by musicians and listeners, stirring emotion and provoking praise.

Victorious was inspired by Job 38.  Like Job, we often question events that occur in our lives and the lives of others.  Some doubt God's existence.  Especially, when  awful things happen.  Job 38 facilitates a broadening of our awareness of the authenticity, omnipresence, and awesomeness of God.  I shudder at his greatness and am humbled that he loves us despite our shortcomings.  Hence, I was inspired to acknowledge that my God is  Victorious.

Virtuous Woman was inspired by my role model and mother, Carrie B. Hines. Carrie's life was a testament of living for Christ in word, thought and deed.  Proverbs 31: 10 serves as a blueprint for women of God govern ourselves.  Its easy to observe and identify Godly Women when we read Proverbs 31: 10.  Virtuous Woman was written for Carrie and pays homage to she loved and encountered during her many acts of kindness to those in need. There are many Virtuous Women among us.  Celebrate them!  Memories of them will live forever.  Here is too more than 26 years of volunteer work with Big Brothers Big Sisters Mother!

Miracles are performed daily!  While enduring difficult times, we are encouraged to remember God has us in the palm of his hand.  We will be overcomers as we face multiple challenges.  Its a comfort for me to remember my closeness with God.  Miracles assure us tough times will not last always. I wrote this song during a storm in my life.  The lyrics forced me to consider nature and human-kind, as both belong to God. But God is in control. If we hold on, things will improve.  Sometimes, God creates storms in our lives to push us, propel us, and move us where he desires for us to be.  Consider the many miracles Jesus performed while on earth.  Mark 5:25-34.  Consider the Miracles he permits every day!

Can't Wait was written in adoration and appreciation for the Lords' permissive will in my life.  He has kept me safe in spite of myself.  I have traveled near and far and he still kept me.  I have been allowed to set goals and watch come into fruition.   As I looked back over my life I pondered, "Wow, Lord you have done so much, I can't wait to see what you will do next."  I am truly blessed!  So much so, I want to encourage and inspire others to do what they love.  Give back to their communities... to the less fortunate... and to live  their best life through Jesus Christ. If we wait and faint not we will soar like eagles.  Isaiah 40:31.

Reflections  was inspired by the importance of evaluating our progress from time to time,  as well as our barriers to sucess... taking inventory of our lives. Making adjustments, improvements, and sometimes changing course is neccessary. It is great to ponder questions like...What have I done with my time on earth?  What happens to a dream deferred?  It is never too late to achieve.  I reflected and considered all the wonderful Angels God has dispatched to my aid when I thought I could not make it.  I reflected over the love I have experienced and enjoyed. Throughout my life I have been able to identify the ever presence of God and his love.   Grateful.  Grateful. Gratefullness.  Matthew 7:7.

The Album

Be inspired by the soul stirring songs of Dr. Virginia A. Hines of CBI Virtuous Woman; Victorious; Virtuous Woman; Miracles; Can't Wait; and Reflections. Dr. Hines donated the initial proceeds from the CD sales to an endowment scholarship, linking Big Brothers Big Sisters participants, Ferris State University, and VA clinics/hospitals volunteers.  (See link). 

Giving Back to the Community

To date, proceeds from the sales of the CD have gone to the establishment of the Carrie B. Hines Endowment Scholarship. My goal is to link Big Brothers Big Sisters to educational institutions and social organizations that enhance development of youth. The first $1,000.00 scholarship was presented to the first qualified scholarship applicant May 2019!

The album comes in a CD with five original songs. It is available for only $5.00 on, Amazon, ITunes and various other outlets. Celebrate the love of Christ and all virtuous women. You will love your copy of "In Memory of a Virtuous Woman: Carrie B. Hines!"

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