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On becoming an individual, a soldier, a professional licensed clinical social worker

New Book Title: On Becoming An Individual, A Soldier, A Professional Licensed Clinical Social Worker: Transitions- A Lifelong Grind.

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I am Dr. Virginia A. Hines, Author / Songwriter / Singer / Orator / Prayer Warrior / Philanthropist

I am currently employed with the Department of Veteran Affairs and I am an honorably discharged Army Veteran.

Modus Operandi

Propelling children to higher educational dimensions: Establishing diverse alliances in a changing environment. Linking Books, Music, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Ferris State University, and VA-Volunteerism. For any occasion, why not purchase two spiritual gifts-my book, On becoming and my CD, "In Memory of a Virtuous Woman : Carrie B. Hines" they are the gifts that keeps on giving. They are affordable and pay dividends to fund college education for children enrolled in Big Brothers/Big Sisters. With the addition of my new book: On becoming an individual, a soldier, a professional licensed clinical social worker: Transitions a lifelong grind more funds will be generated to support the Carrie B. Hines Scholarship Endowment and the next grind!

All Americans are accustomed to change. In this country we are in a constant flux of change. My new book emphasizes the importance of "how" we transition through life. There are a myriad ways to transition. But my book provides tools for transitioning successfully with the Lord as head..

The Grind is usually associated with negative connotations. In this saga the protagonist puts a spin on the grind (plan, dream, goal), as all things are possible through Christ. The book will have you grappling with sacrifices made today, which lay the foundation for tomorrow's successes. On becoming inspires hope, love, long-suffering, and charity; fruits of the spirit!

With respect to my Gospel CD- "In Memory of a Virtuous Woman: Carrie B. Hines, it is linked directly to my book. The song "Virtuous Woman" can be heard as you access the YouTube link on the intro page. I wrote this vocal rendition specificaly for my mother Carrie! The video is one minute in length and pays homeage to my mother, women Veterans, and women everywhere who are Grinding!

Love, service, education and volunteerism are terms emblemic of the synergistic forces interlocked to formulate the lyrics and scriptures embedded within the album, "In Memory of a Virtuous Woman: Carrie B. Hines." For gospel music that is spirtitually eclectic, personal, and encompassing elements of praise and worship to our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ be uplifted by, "In Memory of a Virtuous Woman: Carrie B. Hines."

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